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    AES Launches New “Green Natural Gas” Solution as the First Carbon Neutral Gas Shipment Arrives in the Caribbean

    AES Launches New “Green Natural Gas” Solution as the First Carbon Neutral Gas Shipment Arrives in the Caribbean
    LNG Dominicana



    Gail Chalef, AES Global Press and Media Relations


    AES Launches New “Green Natural Gas” Solution as the First Carbon Neutral Gas Shipment Arrives in the Caribbean

    Availability of carbon neutral energy will allow AES Dominicana’s customers to meet their green energy goals and accelerate the future of energy in the region

    ANDRÉS, Boca Chica, July 22, 2021 - AES Corporation (NYSE: AES) today marked a new chapter in the availability of sustainable and reliable energy in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean with the delivery of the region's first carbon-neutral natural gas shipment. This solution, which is part of AES’ Cleaner Reliability product line, will allow AES customers to purchase credits and use a fuel that will fully offset their carbon footprint. As a result, customers will achieve significant progress toward their sustainability commitments.

    The natural gas carbon footprint produced at various stages in the extraction, production and shipment process will be fully offset by carbon credits resulting from the company’s other renewable energy projects around the world. Overall, natural gas has a lower environmental impact, with greenhouse gas emissions 50% lower than coal and 30% lower than petroleum derivatives. Carbon neutral natural gas takes the environmental impact out of the equation and earns AES customers carbon credits. This clean energy solution is an innovative response to the need to work actively against climate change, enabling companies to mitigate their CO2 emissions.

    The ship carrying the carbon neutral gas arrived this morning from the United States, docking at the AES Andrés energy complex’s Natural Gas Terminal. Vice Minister of Internal Commerce Ramón Pérez Fermin, from the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce and MSMEs, attended a ceremony marking the occasion, as well as the Vice Minister of Coastal Marine Systems José Ramón Reyes from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, and executives from various natural gas distribution companies: Tropigas Natural, Propagas, Línea Clave, Soluciones en Gas Natural and Platergas, along with AES partners and others. The guests were hosted  by Edwin De los Santos, President of AES Dominicana, and Freddy Obando Prestol, Commercial and LNG Vice President of AES Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, among other AES executives.

    During the event, Juan Ignacio Rubiolo, President of AES Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, pointed out that the natural gas market in the region has grown significantly in recent years, creating a unique opportunity to offer this carbon-neutral product. With this initiative, AES will support its clients in advancing their sustainability goals, while reducing or eliminating investment costs in new equipment and infrastructure.

    “We work together with our customers to understand their clean energy needs and to develop tailored approaches to achieve their sustainability goals,” Rubiolo said. “By making this innovative product available in the Dominican Republic, we can provide an effective mechanism to lower our customers’ carbon footprints and earn their companies all important carbon credits. Beginning with the pilot project in the Dominican Republic, AES will seek out opportunities to replicate this solution in other markets around the world, in countries such as Panama, Vietnam and beyond.”

    AES is committed to its target of achieving net-zero carbon emissions from electricity sales by 2040, meeting goals set forth in international agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.

    “We have the energy strategy and solutions critical to achieving our 2040 net-zero target, and today, we are making those solutions available to our customers,” said Obando. “The carbon offset provided by today’s natural gas shipment is equivalent to taking 30,000 passenger vehicles off the road in one year.”

    About AES Dominicana

    AES Dominicana is driving the future of energy with tailor-made solutions based on new technologies, adapted to customer needs, sustainable development, and responsible consumption to accelerate the energy transition, together.

    We maintain collaborative management with the Dominican people, especially those close to its production plants, based on confidence and shared value. In our 24 years of presence in the country, we have cultivated trust as an asset that is strengthened daily with the delivery of competitive electricity to the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI) to serve three electricity distributors, with important alliances that reinforce its long term vision and a portfolio of investments of 1.8 billion dollars, leveraged in an operation management that makes security as a condition of employment, where our people and our neighboring communities come first, and with authentic commitment to caring for the environment.

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