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    Hydrographic basin restoration

    Skyline of Indianapolis with Tree
    Hydrographic basin restoration

    Together with the Fondo de Agua de Santo Domingo, we’re working together to reestablish the hydrographic basins of Greater Santo Domingo City. This collective impact efforts will help to ensures a reliable water supply in the metropolitan areas by investing in natural infrastructure. The partnership strengthens the governance and management of water sources and water supply by financing long-term protection actions and bringing together key stakeholders in water supply management.

    The AES Dominicana Foundation provides additional support by sponsoring the Haina-Duey’s microbasin ecology restoration project.

    Impact and Beneficiaries:


    The City of Santo Domingo and its 3,000,000 inhabitants



    Santo Domingo Water Fund (Fondo de Agua de Santo Domingo), AES volunteers


    United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


    • Clean water and sanitation
    • Climate action
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