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    Rating Agency Analysts Contact Information

    AES Dominicana International Issuance


    Fitch Ratings:


    Jason Fargo

    Associate Director, Latin American Corporates

    Fitch Ratings, 300 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019

    Direct: +1 (212) 908-0695


    Rafael Molina Garcia

    Associate Director

    Secondary Rating Analyst

    +57 1 484 6770


    Standard & Poor:


    Juan Barbosa

    Associate Director

    T. +52 (55) 5081 4447


    DPP Local Issuance

    Feller Rate:


    Camila Sobarzo Bahamondes


    Tel. (562) 2757 0454


    Claudio Salin Gudenschwager

    Director Senior

    Tel. (56) 22757 0463


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