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    Recycle with Clean Points

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    Recycle with clean points

    Project name:


    Recycle with clean points

    Project location: 




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    In 2012, AES Dominicana developed the “Recycle with Clean Points” environmental program with our local power plants. The program seeks to increase awareness about the importance of recycling plastic and paper by promoting a culture centered on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) and helping people become agents of environmental change.

    The project not only educates on recycling best practices but also covers the final destination of waste. Initially, the project started in the communities of Bajos de Haina and Boca Chica with Recicla with Clean Points educational contest where 32 educational centers participated and received training on the 3Rs. Thanks to the program’s success, it was replicated in the community of Los Mina as part of the combined cycle power plant’s social program. AES Dominicana volunteers facilitated the education program and empowered the participants to take responsible environmental action.



    3 Communities with a total population of 130 families plus 500 indirect family beneficiaries per year




    Center for Agroforestry Development (CEDAF)




    United Nations Sustainable Development Goals



    • Sustainable cities and communities

    • Responsible consumption and production

    • Climate action

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