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    Accelerating the future of energy, together.

    Together with our many stakeholders, we’re improving lives by delivering the greener, smarter energy solutions the world needs. The company’s diverse workforce is committed to continuous innovation and operational excellence while partnering with our customers on their strategic energy transitions and continuing to meet their energy needs today.


    AES Dominicana 2026 Notes

    Since 2005, AES Dominicana has been a key player in the local and international bond market with important issuances that sum above USD $900 million. The last international issuance occurred in 2016, when AES Dominicana issued USD $370 million, consisting of (i) $270,100,000.00 in aggregate principal amount of Senior Notes, Co-Issued by AES Andres B.V., and Dominican Power Partners, and (ii) $99,900,000.00 in aggregate principal amount of Senior Notes, issued by Itabo.

    The Andres-DPP Notes and the Itabo Notes may only be transferred as part of Notes Units and will not trade separately until the earliest of: (i) the occurrence of an event of default under either the Andres-DPP Notes or the Itabo Notes, (ii) the occurrence of a change of control under either the Andres-DPP Notes or the Itabo Notes, (iii) the occurrence of a redemption in whole of either the Andres-DPP Notes or the Itabo Notes and (iv) the tender in whole or in part of either the Andres-DPP Notes or the Itabo Notes. The Andres-DPP Notes are joint and several unsecured senior obligations of the Co-Issuers. The Itabo Notes are the unsecured senior obligations of Itabo. Interest on the Underlying Notes and the Notes Units will be payable semi-annually in arrears on May 11 and November 11 of each year commencing on November 11, 2016. The Underlying Notes and the Notes Units will mature on May 11, 2026 and carry a cupon of 7.95%.


    Dominican Power Partners (DPP) Local Bond Issuance

    Dominican Power Partners (“DPP”), incorporated with limited liability and existing under the laws of the Cayman Islands, and domiciled in the Dominican Republic since 1997, executed a USD $300 million of Corporate Guaranteed Bonds Issuance Program in the Dominican Stock Exchange that allowed DPP to repay USD $260 million of a project finance bank loan. Due to available liquidity during the time DPP issued 6 different tranches, issuing USD $260 million, split among 4 tranches of USD $50 million, 1 tranche of USD $35 million and 1 tranche of USD $25 million. The Bonds are registered with the Dominican Stock Exchange and it is guaranteed by AES Andres B.V. Interest for each of the tranches is paid quarterly at an interest rate ranging between 5.90% and 6.25%. The final maturity for the Bonds is Nov. 2027 with the entirety of the Bonds being due at such date.

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