Achieve a higher standard of new energy.

Your clean energy journey is unique as you navigate the best path toward achieving ambitious sustainability goals. Together, we’ll develop the new renewable energy solutions you need and elevate your position as a leader of the future. 

Turn your sustainable vision into a reality

New renewable energy

New renewable energy is your unique contribution to a carbon free grid. We help you develop and scale your renewable energy supply faster with solar, wind and energy storage to maximize the impact of your sustainability and business goals.

24/7 carbon-free energy

Give your customers, employees and communities confidence in your carbon free pledge. We work with you to develop a holistic energy strategy and implement a tailored portfolio to run on 24/7 carbon-free energy, hour-by-hour guaranteed.

Green blend

Your energy transformation shouldn’t be constrained by existing contracts. Green Blend systematically refreshes conventional supply with clean energy, customized to ensure the reliability and sustainability of your business. While securing your energy needs, this solution enables the carbon footprint reduction transitioning from current supply to renewables.

DP World Caucedo, a world-class maritime terminal and free zone, prioritized its transition to a greener and more environmentally responsible company together with AES, through the supply of electricity in a combined mode, delivering solar energy backed by natural gas-based thermal energy in the night hours, thus contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions from energy consumption.

Connect to your energy future