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    Our history

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    Our history

    A history of accelerating the future of energy, together

    From its founding and to today, AES has led lasting positive change in the energy sector based on its stakeholders’ most critical needs.


    • 1996: AES made first investment in the Dominican Republic with the purchase of Dominican Power Partners (DPP) from NGC Corp. DPP is the owner of Los Mina V and Los Mina VI, two 118 MW open cycle gas turbines.
    • 1996: Dominican Power Partners operated until 2001 under the Independent Private Producer model, selling all of its production to La Corporación Dominicana de Electricidad (CDE). Then, after an agreement between DPP and CDE, the contract between both parties was cancelled and a new electricity sale arrangement was established between DPP and EDEESTE, which included a backup contract with the CDE.


    • 2000: AES maintained its commitment to the long-term development of the Dominican Republic by constructing AES Andres, comprised of a 319 MW combined cycle plant, a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal and a gas pipeline connecting to the DPP power station.
    • 2000: AES took another important step in the country by acquiring the assets of GENER, obtaining a participation of 25% in the ITABO S.A. power plant.
    • 2003: Dominican Power Partners, the first investment of AES in the Country, operates to supply its electricity sales contract with EDEESTE, selling its excess generation and buying what it needs in the spot market. Then, two Gas Turbines were converted to natural gas after the construction of a 34 Km pipeline from Andres plant to the DPP plant.
    • 2003: AES Andres began its operations and became the most efficient power station in Latin America, representing a move towards sustainable development in the Dominican Republic. The new investment improved the strategic position of the country, which formerly depended on petroleum derivatives to supply 90% of its electricity needs
    • 2006: AES Dominicana acquired an additional 25% stake in ITABO S.A. AES, now with 50% of ITABO’s equity, took control of the operative and administrative areas


    • 2017: AES completed the “Closing the Cycle” project at DPP, adding a 124 MW steam turbine to take advantage of the exhaust gases within the installed gas turbines. With this project AES and DPP, increased capacity and efficiency at the plant, contributing further to the country's environmental and social development


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